Demolished Coney Arcade Relocates

05/17/2011 11:33 AM |

The old Fabers

  • The old Faber’s

The sign for Faber’s Fascination, all in lights, was an iconic greeting for visitors to Coney Island alighting from the Stillwell Avenue station—until last year, when Thor, the developer who owned the Henderson building in which the arcade was housed, tore the structure down. But the Post reports that the owner of Faber’s will bring it back to Coney Island, leasing out the first floor of a vacant building on W. 12th Street—a building also owned by Thor!

According to the paper:

[The owner will] install recent game crazes like Dance Dance Revolution near vintage games such as Mission Command. [He] will also book interactive entertainers, such as celebrity look-alikes.

He wasn’t able to salvage the old sign, though he said the new one “looks a lot like the old” one.