F Train Service (Almost) Back to Normal, But Not for Long

05/09/2011 3:27 PM |


Effective at 5 a.m. this morning, Manhattan-bound F trains and Queens-bound G trains will stop at the Fort Hamilton Parkway and 15th St-Prospect Park stations, which they hadn’t been doing for the last few months, the Windsor Terrace blog reports. But service won’t be “fully restored” for very long: in “the fall,” the Coney Island-bound side of these stations will close down, meaning commuters who use those stations to work in Manhattan will have an easy time getting on the train in the morning, but a bitch of a time getting home. It could be worse, though: they could live off of the Smith-Ninth Street station. Manhattan-bound F trains will continue to skip that stop and, later this month, all trains will.