Lawsuit Fails, Domino Moves Forward

05/26/2011 10:40 AM |


A lawsuit aimed at stopping the Domino development was dismissed by a judge earlier this week, the Post reports. Filed by the Williamsburg Community Preservation Corporation, the suit alleged that a proper environmental review had not been performed before the city council unanimously approved the required zoning change last year. While WCPC considers an appeal, the Domino developers (CPC) get ready to break ground next year.

“This is great news for the community,” Councilwoman Diana Reyna, whose district doesn’t cover the Domino lot, said. I wouldn’t go that far!

Many of the problems affecting North Brooklyn, like a lack of affordable housing, can be connected to luxury development like Domino. “What’s happened in North Brooklyn in the last decade—the incredible rise in the cost of living and the loss of industrial jobs—is the direct result of city policy,” Megan Sperry, producer of a documentary about the project, told me earlier this year. “It’s not some force of nature, it’s the result of rezonings to allow luxury condo-mega-development, subsidizing these developers to the tune of over a billion dollars a year citywide, and failing to support rent-control laws.”

The Brooklyn Paper says Domino would also “revive a stagnant section of the waterfront,” as though there were no other way to provide access to the waterfront than subsidizing the construction of luxury condominiums.