Listen: Memory Tapes Release Very Good First Single from Forthcoming Album, Player Piano

05/12/2011 9:49 AM |


We’re still almost two months away from the July 5th release of Player Piano, the follow-up to Memory Tapes‘ breakout 2009 album, Seek Magic, but today we get the first single, “Wait in the Dark,” and it is an awesomely effective little slice of indie-pop. It’s a fairly substantial departure from the hazy, more obviously electronic material on Seek Magic, focusing instead on a peppy, front-and-center vocal melody, which is backed by some pleasantly vintage-sounding keys and what appears to be live drumming. If this track alone doesn’t get you excited for the full-length, then maybe this description of it from Memory Tapes mastermind Dave Hawk will: “keyboard-based psychedelic girl group songs, a sort of Motown suicide note,” with “drums that sound like The Kinks’ 60s records.” Yes, please.

Wait In The Dark by Memory Tapes