Park Slope “Bedbug Theater” Sold to New Owner

05/10/2011 8:58 AM |


Joseph Haray’s wife was so afraid of bedbugs that she wouldn’t go to Park Slope’s Pavilion movie theater, long rumored (just rumored!) to contain the parasites, so he invented a movie-seat cover that retails for $2.99. But Pavilion-goers may no longer need it: employees are spreading the rumor that long-apathetic owner Cinedigm has sold the theater to a “Jewish business group,” Fucked in Park Slope reports.

According to one of that blog’s readers:

One of the candy clerks filled me in that the venue has been bought over by a new corporation…He said that this new corp has plans to, at minimum, re-paint the entire joint and hinted at a “nice” makeover…The candy clerk said “it’s going to be real nice when they’re done!” I asked if they were going to change the god-awful seats once and for all, to which he replied again, “oh, yea, it’s going to be real nice and they’re going to do it all at night so there won’t be any interruptions.” They’ve already begun by taking a Sharpie and writing names of paint colors on the walls. So now, not only are all the seats broken/bed bug infested (allegedly!), there’s also kid-looking graffiti over every single wall.

So, for everyone irrationally refusing to see a movie there (c’mon), it may soon be time to return!