Park Slope Jazz Club Could Shutter Immediately

05/03/2011 3:57 PM |


If Puppet’s Jazz Bar doesn’t raise $15,000 by tomorrow, it will close for good, the Park Slope Patch reports. The troubled club, which was saved last summer by raising $21,000, owes nearly double what it needs immediately to water, electric and insurance companies, as well as liquor suppliers. Tonight, it will host a blowout, hoping to raise enough cash to stay open at least a little while longer.

One co-owner blames the economy. “People simply have less money to spend, and so we are making less money,” he told Patch. “We are getting people through our doors less often, and when they come they are spending, on average, half of what they used to.”

Others pin the blame on Puppet’s.

“We’re a jazz bar and not everybody likes jazz,” the other co-owner told Patch. “Puppet’s is not promoted as well as it could be. A lot more promotion and it would fly real big.” Case in point: have you ever even heard of it? I only did because I lived for a spell around the corner, and even then only stopped by once to find a quartet playing for a small group of family and friends. (You could tell the joint was struggling: not only was there a drink minimum, but a required donation when the hat—er, bucket—came around. Then again, the cocktails came in pint glasses…)

My recommendation: change the sign. Why is a jazz bar trading on a hip hop aesthetic?


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  • I wish this place was successful, because a lot of nights the acts sound great. I can hear them from my window because I live right across the street. But the blame for the demise of this place definitely rests squarely on Puppet’s shoulders.

    I went in there not long after it opened. I was walking by, heard the music, and was interested. So I walked in, sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Upon sitting down and ordering a drink the bartender immediately told me I needed to pay a $10 cover or I couldn’t stay. There was NO ONE in the bar. I left.

    Jazz is a beautiful genre of music. But it is neither popular nor immediately accessible to most people. If you want to attract a clientele, you need to promote hard AND you need to do everything you can to make people who wander into your club feel totally comfortable and welcome so that they stay. Offer drink specials, cook great food, learn people’s names. Don’t scare them out of the bar with a mandatory cover as soon as they walk in the door!!