Sixpoint Now Selling Its Beer in Cans!

05/16/2011 3:05 PM |


It seems like Sixpoint is popping up in every serious beer bar these days, but drinking it at home without the aid of a growler has always been impossible—until now. The Red Hook-based brewery has just announced that it will start selling its beer in stores around the Northeast starting on Memorial Day. The four brews soon to go on sale are Sixpoint’s classic Sweet Action, Righteous Rye, Crisp Lager and, my personal favorite, the Bengali Tiger IPA. Each will be sold in 16 oz. can four-packs in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Massachusetts. To serious beer drinkers, the idea of a craft brew in a can is a weird one, but Sixpoint brewmaster Shane Welch insists there is a good reason why he went the aluminum route.

First of all, cans mean less air trapped in there with the beer, which Welch says means less trapped oxygen to give the beer a stale flavor. Plus, the can doesn’t let light through like a bottle does, which is usually the culprit for the dreaded “skunky” beer effect. On top of that, cans are easier to stack, meaning they can be shipped more efficiently, and aluminum cans take less energy to produce than glass bottles and are more likely to be recycled.

So yeah, let’s all drink our beer out of cans! Seriously, though, this is a great day for both homebodies and lovers of craft beer.