Survey Has Seen Your Nude Photos, Is Not Impressed

05/17/2011 9:02 AM |

theres got to be a desert of the real/fake boobs joke in here, right?

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Survey time! According to a recent Playboy survey, 27% of men and 23% of women have been photographed or filmed nude, and 16% of us sext. As Kids Today become the Grups of Tomorrow (or did we decide on kidults?), those numbers are only going to increase, I suspect.

Which means that the chance of seeing people boning that you’d rather not—parents, bosses, roommates—grows ever higher. Plus, obviously, the reverse. Are we going to reach a point where it’s no longer considered embarrassing to have a picture of your dick turn up in a google image search for your name? As someone who writes publicly about stuff like ass-to-mouth and also has to have a day job, I hope so.

Of course, Playboy’s numbers might be slightly skewed (we all know not to really trust surveys for good data anyway, right?) but still: it might be time to make peace with the idea that eventually you’re going to see a video of your friends doin’ it. It’s long been my rule that you shouldn’t commit anything to (digital) film or video you don’t want everyone seeing, because somehow that stuff always manages to get out there, but who listens to me?