The Rise and Fall and Rise of Jenny Slate

05/25/2011 4:01 AM |

“I’d never met anyone who made me laugh, every single thing she said,” Gabe said of first making Jenny’s acquaintance at Columbia. “I was just like: I need her. I need her in my life; she’s perfect. We were really fast friends, kind of obsessed with each other, but not in a bad way, I don’t think. Just lucky!”

Slate moved to Brooklyn in the summer of 2004, just after graduating. Although most of her friends (including Liedman) headed to Fort Greene, she chose Carroll Gardens, in part because of its abundance of “old people and dogs.”

“I get really lonely, really easily…I like to be surrounded by as much life as possible.” During her first summer in Brooklyn, Jenny took a job at Sweet Melissa Patisserie. “I ate everything,” she said. “And I smoked too much pot.” In the warmer months, Jenny visits Cobble Hill Park every day, occasionally stopping to buy a single balloon at Pizzazz Kids on Court Street. “I love balloons. I always get a red one; I love to walk around with it,” she said. (But she never admits to the store clerks that the balloon is for her own use.)

“In terms of ‘having arrived,’ I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that way, nor do I want to, I think. I like the ascent, I like hoping, and I like building,” Jenny said. “I guess the one clear point where I was like, ‘Ok, here we go,’ was when I signed with my agents at William Morris… Dean says that I am way too personal with the people who are supposed to be in the ‘business’ area of my life, but I can’t help it. I love performing more than anything, and I truly love my agents because they are the people who help me.

“Sometimes I daydream about bringing my agents to my childhood home and showing them my old bedroom, and conducting a career planning meeting in there, in my most personal place, the place where I would daydream about being an actress.”

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  • Jenny Slate, your intelligence beacons like a massive super X-ray pulse, taking the form of humor that never fails to remind me of the wonder that can be had while dragging this corpus through the short glimpse of temporal awareness that I have been so lucky to experience. Peace and happiness to you and yours!

  • I just do not like this woman. she is not very attractive and her voice is far from it as well. In each role I’ve seen of her, she acts whiny and annoying and I can never bring myself to call her funny. There is a reason why this woman was canned from SNL after 1 season. She’s a hack.

  • Jan, what have you done with your life? My guess is nothing…you sound like a bitter loser.

  • Yes, mark – she is the bitter loser. right.

  • Jan, you judge whether you like someone by whether YOU find them personally attractive or not? Also, you sound like a jealous woman since she’s gorgeous.

  • I like how all of these comments are so random… tell me… honestly… is this some really bad high school art project??