The Time The L Feasted at Lunetta on Smith Street

05/02/2011 3:18 PM |

Well-fed L staff.

  • Hungry L Mag staff.

On Friday a select few L Mag staffers (or just the fifteen who were available) gathered at Boerum Hill’s Lunetta around delicious Italian dishes and many bottles of wine to celebrate our 8th birthday. (Third grade, here we come!)

The menu for the evening began with assorted olives, a selection of Italian salamis paired with a yummy homemade fig jam, and a bruschetta selection that included sweet honey-drizzled ricotta cut with lemon and a delicious chicken liver spread in a rich wine reduction.

After a healthful few helpings of flavorful roast beets with hazelnuts, garlicky, leafy broccoli rabe and a verdant salad dressed just right, we tucked into a pair of pasta dishes, the house meatballs (of Berkshire pork and grass-fed beef) and some thunderously crunchy fried chicken in a bittersweet vinaigrette with toasted nuts and cranberries. Served al dente and not over-sauced, the homemade noodles were hearty without the heaviness of, say, gnocchi. One pasta dish featured plentiful broccoli rabe and a flavorful sprinkling of homemade fennel sausage; in the other, a simpler sauce of garlic, oil and tomato placed greater emphasis on the hearty, thick pasta.

For dessert, a sampling of Lunetta’s house-made gelati, including a scoop of potent, vivid strawberry and another of a rich, dark chocolate embedded with huge, plentiful chocolate chunks. A fitting ending to a delicious birthday dinner. Then we all wacked an L Mag box-shaped pinata that, when our most fearless blogger finally broke it, turned out to be full of L Magazines.

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