What Took So Long? New York Artists Tweet as Public Performance Art

05/24/2011 2:19 PM |

Not the Twitter performance art thats beginning tomorrow.

  • Not the Twitter performance art that’s beginning tomorrow.

Last year it was the Guggenheim and YouTube harnessing the internet as a platform for public art and this summer, beginning tomorrow, three artists commissioned by Creative Time will be taking to Twitter for public, tweet-augmented performance art pieces in New York City. Creative Time Tweets launches tomorrow at 5pm with a 24-hour performance by Man Bartlett in the Port Authority.

For the piece, titled #24hrport, Bartlett (@manbartlett) will pose two questions—“Where have you been?” and “Where are you going?”—to people following the project online, and those he encounters in the Port Authority bus terminal. More so than the tweeting, though, the decision to spend 24 consecutive hours at the Port Authority is some serious Marina Abramovic-caliber self-sacrificial endurance test.

Next month David Horvitz’s telegraph-inspired performance #5992: I Will, with Pleasure, Take Letters for You will run for ten days from June 17 to 27 (@davidhorvitz). He’ll produce hard copies of every tweet between June 17 and June 23 containing the hashtag #5992 and then carry the physical copies from San Francisco to D.C. on the 24th, following the route of the first transcontinental telegram. Once in Washington, the collection of tweets will be donated to the Library of Congress.

For the final Creative Time Tweets project in July, Jill Magid will undertake an as yet unannounced security-themed Twitter performance. Check in with Creative Time Tweets for updates.