Barclays Buys Up Naming Rights to Local Playgrounds, Too

06/15/2011 11:31 AM |

Mommy, can we play at Barclays today?

  • Mommy, can we play at Barclays today?

Several signs promoting Barclays and The Nets have been posted to the fence surrounding PS 58’s playground on Smith Street. The news was broken earlier this month by the blog Pardon Me for Asking.

Patch reported this week that “the signs are part of a partnership between Barclays, the organization behind development of the new Barclays Center sports arena [in the Atlantic Yards development], and Out2Play, a non-profit organization that partners with donors and corporations to renovate schoolyards in public schools throughout the city.”

A debate among parents has ensued, of course, of which Atlantic Yards Report has a pretty good rundown. The Patch piece sums it up as “Even…Snapple machines in school cafeterias is too much corporate encroachment” vs. “it ain’t even that big of a sign.” Any sign is too big of a sign!

One Comment

  • This is an issue pubic entities around the country are dealing with right now. The facts are plain: if we want to keep public services at their current level, we need to either (i) raise taxes or (ii) reduce costs. Most public agencies will tell you they are as lean as they can possibly be; many don’t have the staff they need to maintain current service levels.

    So I am definitely in support of asking the private sector for help. We either get forced to pay ourselves, or we seek out those who are willing to pay and offer them recognition for stepping up.

    Way to go Barclays for keeping playgrounds available to children.