Biking in a Skirt Almost Earned One Soho Cyclist a Ticket

06/13/2011 9:45 AM |

An NYPD sketch artists rendering of the offending cyclist.

  • An NYPD sketch artist’s rendering of the offending cyclist.

Good thing this weekend’s Naked Bike Ride got rained out, cause all those birthday-suited bikers would’ve surely ended up with tickets given that a cyclist nearly got one in April for riding her bicycle in a skirt. Jasmijn Rijcken, a Dutch citizen, was visiting New York on April 30 for the New Amsterdam Bike Show when, pulled over to consult her map on Broadway in Soho, an NYPD officer pulled up…

Rijcken tells Streetsblog:

I was standing there next to my bike, looking at my map, and then this police guy stops and starts telling me about my skirt. At first I thought he was making a joke or maybe even a compliment, but then I found out he was serious because he got really mad.

The officer reportedly got out of his car and threatened to ticket Rijcken for endangering other people on the street, only backing off after requesting her ID and seeing that she was a foreigner. He let her go, but suggested she change into pants.

Lady cyclists’ wardrobe choices, a contentious front in the Bedford Avenue bike lane war, are not subject to any New York City traffic laws, not even those on the inaccurate NYPD bike law cheat sheet. In fact the only pertinent precedent is the famous 1996 case Kramer versus Mischke.

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