Brooklyn Philharmonic Offers to Take Over Parks Concerts

06/21/2011 12:59 PM |

Pictured: this years NY Philharmonic parks concert

  • Pictured: this year’s NY Philharmonic parks concert

In an open letter to Mayor Bloomberg, the new artistic director of the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Alan Pierson, offered to take over the free outdoor concerts this summer from its “cousin” orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, which has withdrawn. “Brooklyn Phil can certainly manage some rousing Sousa in Central Park and deliver terrific Prokofiev to Prospect Park,” Pierson wrote. (What about Copland to Corona Park? And, uh, Scarlotti to Sculpture Park?) He acknowledges, however, that they can’t do it without money, and so he entreats Target or Met Life to sponsor them. “Or maybe someone else would help out? We’re eager to discuss possibilities with you.”

The orchestra has also offered to set up a poll on its website so listeners could choose what they want to hear. “I think we could do this if we put our heads together quickly,” Pierson wrote. “We love the idea of New Yorkers sitting on blankets, enjoying food and wine while listening to great music under the stars.”

Yes, so do we!