Brooklyn Politician Marty Golden Positions Self at Front of Anti-Gay Movement

06/01/2011 9:46 AM |

Even Dick Cheney doesnt buy this shit

  • Even Dick Cheney doesn’t buy this shit

State senator Marty Golden doesn’t think gays should get married. He doesn’t think their marriages in other states should be recognized in New York. And he’s taken it upon himself to fight on the forefront of the gay marriage fight.

Though Golden told the Post that people in his district “don’t really give a rat’s ass about social issues,” and that state democrats are using the legislation to distract voters from the economy, Golden has been fighting fiercely to preserve heterosexual marriage. His arguments? That marriage between a man and a woman goes back to the beginning of time (skipping all those billions of years in which there were no humans), and that to support gay marriage indicates a lack of principles that would cause all of America to collapse. He wants to send “a message to the people of the state of New York that there’s at least some normalcy within this great state, the Empire State, and in the state Senate.”

Constituents in Golden’s district will rally next week—Monday, June 6, at 6:30 p.m.—in front of the senator’s office, to let him know that they do give a rat’s ass, that religious bigotry is not “some normalcy,” and that they’re guided by powerful principles—of respect, dignity and justice for all New Yorkers.

Get more info here. If this kingpin of Brooklyn Republican politics hasn’t made your blood boil, watch a recent speech he gave in Albany to anti-gay supporters, or read the text of that hateful, near-incomprehensible speech below:

You are the choir. It doesn’t require a lot of speeching here today. [Speeching?] What it requires is you getting inside of these buildings and talking to each one of these legislators and letting them know how you feel, and what you feel they’re doing—not just to the fabric of our state but, so goes the state of New York, so goes the great nation that we live in, and we cannot allow that to happen. Marriage is between a man and a woman, that’s the way it should be! Get your message out there, let them know what we have to do, and, numbers…I appreciate each and every one of you for being here, but we need more numbers. I need more Catholics, I need more Lutherans, I need more Jewish, I need more Christian, I need more Muslim, I need more of all, coming forward across this great state and telling these legislators this is plain wrong! We’re not going to do this to our children! We’re not going to do this to the future of our city, our state, our nation, and we cannot allow it.

You have to go into those buildings, get a hold of those legislators and you’ve gotta be just the way I am to them. Each and every one of them, be forceful, get an answer out of them, find out where they stand on gay marriage. Ask them and you don’t want any flip-floppers, you want nobody to say, ‘well I’m thinking about it,’ you want a yes or a no, and you know who’s on your and who’s not on your side, and we go after those who are not on our side, on Christianity, on Jewish beliefs, on Muslim beliefs, if they don’t want to be on the side of them. If there’s no principle at all and we’re willing to give that up, what do we stand for as a state and as a nation? What can they do and what will they continue to do?

Are we to fold to the powers of money that are flowing into this state to another group that’s going to dictate what we as people should do in our communities, in our villages, in our schools, and in our churches and synagogues, should they be allowed to do that? (No!) Ladies and gentleman, you are the force that has to get in there and let these people know, and you gotta get answers, because that’s exactly what it is, they’re afraid of money, they’re afraid of being, money spent against them. What they gotta be afraid of is the votes, they gotta be afraid of each and every one of you voting against them, they gotta be afraid that you come out as a force next year and make sure they’re not in office. And if they don’t understand that, within the next twelve days, within the next three weeks, gay marriage will be passed in the state of New York. I’m telling you right now if you do not do it, if you do not get out, if you do not register your voice right now in each and every one one of these legislators, from the governor on down, that will become a fabric of this great state. So goes this state, so goes this nation.

Are we going to allow it? (No!) Are we gonna stand up against it? (Yeah!) Are we gonna go in those buildings and fight for what’s right? (Yeah!) Ladies and gentleman, it’s up to you and our prayers and our coming together of our families, our churches, our synagogues, our Muslims, all of our communities coming together and letting this legislative body know that we are not going to accept it. Marriage between a man and a woman, since the beginning of time, and if you have no principal left because some people wanna spend some money against you, what principal do you have? Ladies and gentleman, can we do it? (Yeah!) Are we gonna do it? (Yeah!) Are we gonna get in there and do what we gotta do? (Yeah!) Thank you, God bless everybody, God bless all of you.

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  • What an asshole.

  • Golden obviously has some personal issues with homosexuality which he needs to deal with. Keeping couples from forming legal families won’t solve his problems.

  • I was going to comment, “What an asshole” but Jessica beat me to it. I’ll point out I never post comments like that, and generally avoid profanity, but it seems that’s the only rational response to Marty “asshole” Golden.

  • Golden said, “Are we to fold to the … group that

  • Golden has apparently done his homework!

    As the very liberal Mr. Kirby said, good laws are based on good data, and the very least that our legislators can do is to acquaint themselves with the details of any issue.

    The article

  • Aside from anything else, listing off Catholic, Lutheran, Jew, Christian, and Muslim as he did implies they are all equally separate, different things. If I were a Catholic or Lutheran in his target audience, I’d be a bit offended at the implication that I’m not Christian.

    But that’s nitpicking; the whole thing is garbage through and though.

  • “I need more Jewish” The man is a brilliant orator.

  • Hear we go again some twit going on about gay people, and how we are bad for the world, shit if we the gay people are bad. Answer me this how many people have been killed by gay people, ok there are a few bad gay people, but the number of people killed by non gay people is millions , most of the deaths are from religion, and the other is greed and war,