City Cuts $11 Mil from Brooklyn Bridge Park Funding; Condos Inevitable?

06/15/2011 4:19 PM |

Brooklyn Bridge Park loses $11 million in municipal funding.

Remember how, despite their appearance in the original plans for Brooklyn Bridge Park, people wanted at all cost to not have those condos and that hotel built in the park to help foot its hefty $16 million annual operations bill? This won’t help: Yesterday the Daily News reported that the city has cut $11 million it had pledged to help finish construction on the fancy waterfront park. So, where do you want these condos?

When the city assumed control of the park project from the state last year it pledged $55 million to the construction effort. But a covert cut to that budget earlier this year reduced the city’s contribution to $44 million. That massive 20 percent cut could jeopardize plans for a new pier over at the end of John Street in DUMBO, among other parts of the park that are still underway or haven’t even been begun.

Worse still, the Daily News writes that a new report suggests the city might pull more funding for the park if the controversial plan to build condos and hotels within its boundaries to help pay annual maintenance costs doesn’t go through. State Senator Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn Heights), a vocal opponent of the condo solution, says: “This funding cut and the results of this report call the city’s commitment to completing the park into question.” Meanwhile Nancy Webster, executive director of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, seems resolved to approving the controversial measure: “It seems clear from the final outcome of the report that some residential housing is needed on the site.”

“Needed” probably isn’t the right word there, but we get what you’re saying.

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  • It’s pretty insane that is has become conventional wisdom that the city government can’t just provide parkland funded through city tax receipts the way it worked for hundreds of years.