d.b.a.’s Ray Deter in Hospital After Bicycle Accident

06/29/2011 12:07 PM |


Sad news; Ray Deter, the owner of d.b.a. in the East Village and Williamsburg, is currently in the hospital following a bicycle accident. He was hit by a silver Jaguar while riding east on Canal Street towards W Broadway on Monday and apparently the accident was very bad, as Deter was rushed to Bellevue Hospital and is listed in critical condition. Deter’s family has released this statement on d.b.a.’s Facebook page:

We’d like to request that you pray for & send your loving healing thoughts & energy to Ray for his recovery. And we do ask at this time that you please do NOT visit the hospital, it’s too overwhelming for the family, and they request you keep sending love. Likewise please don’t call the bars right now, it’s too huge to comprehend, everyone is going through a lot. Your thoughts & love are most appreciated.

The family says it will write updates on Deter’s status through the bar’s Facebook page. We’ve seen Deter at quite a few craft beer events and we’re praying he makes a quick and complete recovery.