Free Wi-Fi Coming to Brooklyn Parks

06/10/2011 12:32 PM |

Im so glad we can finally start hunting for jobs

  • “I’m so glad we can finally start hunting for jobs”

Last week it was DUMBO getting wired, this week it’s 20 NYC parks: throughout the summer, the green spaces will become hot spots thanks to a partership between the city and AT&T. The initiative will last five years, and in Brooklyn will include Prospect Park, McCarren Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Fort Greene Park and Herbert von King Park. This isn’t the first time the city has offered Internet access to sunbathers and hobos: Nokia sponsored a similar, though smaller-scaled, program from 2005-2008, Faster Times reports.

State Senator Jose Serrano told NBC that “the program will provide Internet access to people who might not otherwise have it [and] could make job searching easier.” I’d be surprised if significant numbers of people owned laptops, tablets and smart phones but lacked the Internet access to go with them; maybe AT&T’s money would have been better spent propping up the foundering library system, which people without computers and Internet access can use to look for jobs—provided their local branch is still open.