History-Bulldozing Navy Yard Supermarket Project Enters Public Review Period

06/22/2011 8:57 AM |

Needs more supermarket.

  • Needs more supermarket.

The last leg of the process through which the city’s Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation will acquire the final parcel of Brooklyn Navy Yard land from the federal government before it can begin construction on a new supermarket at the corner of Flushing Avenue and Navy Street began this week. The land swap’s seven-month public review process likely means that the only two historic structures on the plot marked for preservation—the Timber Shed and Building B on Admiral’s Row—have another half-year to finish collapsing before any engineers come to their rescue.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that this week the transfer of the land where the supermarket would rise and the historic buildings will fall has entered the seven months-long public review process, during which Community Board 2, borough president Marty Markowitz, the City Planning Commission and the City Council will look at the project and suggest modifications before a final approval by the latter group.

Only once that is all done will the city be able to send in engineers to stabilize the historic Timber Shed and stately officer’s home Building B, assuming that’s even still possible. If, miraculously, it is, they can then proceed with preservation and restoration work. More likely, they’ll have to level both buildings and add a few more parking spaces.