Marty Golden Responds to Gay Rights Advocates

06/08/2011 8:57 AM |


Since Republican State Senator Marty Golden of Brooklyn introduced legislation to bar New York from recognizing gay marriages legalized in other states (while he continues to speak out strongly against marriage equality), his constituents have assembled outside his office and written letters of protest. And while he has not yet addressed the recent rally on Fifth Avenue, his office has responded in writing to at least one pro-equality advocate, Sheepshead Bites reports.

In the letter, an uncharacteristically thoughtful and sympathetic Golden appears, even expressing a little philosophical angst. “I do try to fairly represent my constituents on all issues,” he writes, “though sometimes a very divided consensus makes it a tough task, and it is frustrating for me personally, and as a legislator.” He adds, “My position is not intended to be discriminatory at all, it is just my personal belief and standing that I cannot support the proposal.”

It’s almost respectable! But Ned Berke does an excellent, eloquent job at Sheepshead Bites of teasing out the mendacity and contradictions inherent in the letter. Golden, after all, is not silently holding onto his beliefs on the sidelines of a debate. “I’m…surprised to see no mention of the bill Golden is pushing to cease recognition of same-sex marriages from other states,” he writes. Also, “though Golden said his position is not intended to be discriminatory, at the end of the day, it still is.”