Men in Black 3 Retro-Fits Brooklyn

06/01/2011 10:35 AM |

Ugh, thank God theres no EE or GG anymore

  • Ugh, thank God there’s no EE or GG anymore

Men in Black 3, set in 1969, has been filming across New York City, including in SoHo, where locals got Will Smith’s larger-than-your-apartment trailer booted from on-street parking. In Brooklyn, the movie has been briefly transforming neighborhoods into 60s versions of their present selves with vintage signage and other retro-decorations.

Earlier in May, Amusing the Zillion reported that the production lined the eastern side of the Coney Island boardwalk, usually empty, with rides, food stands, games and other amusements—including one booth with a spaceship atop it, an obvious nod to the old Astroland rocket that once sat on Gregory and Paul’s. (The production also leased, and saved, the Grashorn Building!)

On Clinton Street last week, the production lined the roads with vintage cars and put up an old-time subway sign (pictured), the Brooklyn Heights blog reports. Meanwhile, on Court Street, downtown, the production department covered a vacant, former-T-Mobile storefront with signage for Zig Zag Records, a real store on Avenue U that closed last year. Sheepshead Bites has pictures of the recreated exteriors, as well as the original store on which it was closely based.

It should be fun to watch the finished film, if only to pick out all the local locations, particularly given the design’s respect for local history. I loved watching season one of Fringe just so I could spot when Brooklyn College was passing for Harvard, Red Hook for New England, the Williamsburg waterfront for Massachusetts. Season two, shot elsewhere, just wasn’t the same.

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