Musician Will Play the Manhattan Bridge All Day Tomorrow, the Longest Day of the Year

06/20/2011 4:27 PM |

The biggest instrument in the world?

  • The biggest instrument in the world?

The Manhattan Bridge has hosted its fare share of installation and new media art and performance, from video projections and pianos to a mossy yeti and fish-tweeting apparatus. But beginning tonight at midnight musician Nick Franglen will begin an epic multimedia performance of a different sort under the DUMBO archway: his “Hymn to the Manhattan Bridge” will last the entire summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and incorporate the movements of cyclists over the bridge.

Accompanied by Franglen on the guitar and theremin, cyclists will contribute to the 24-hour musical composition as they pass over a sensory device called the Soundbeam. A press release from the Department of Transportation and Make Music New York explains:

The cyclists crossing the bridge above help create the unique sounds with the help of a Soundbeam, a sensor device that will cut the music when the beam is broken by movement. Like an audio camera obscura, the flow of the music will stutter and flicker with the shadow of the cyclists as they blur past the Soundbeam, relaying ghostly evidence of life and movement on the bridge above.

You can watch the free public performance any time from midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow at the DUMBO archway at Adams Street and Water Street, and contribute by riding over the Manhattan Bridge’s bike path. Or you can follow along right here.

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