Northside Ideas Schedule Announced

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06/13/2011 11:10 PM |
So what are these Northside Ideas panels we keep talking about? As Brooklyn becomes a national incubator for new ideas and media, the creators and innovators developing exciting new products and brands will speak on a series of panels at Brooklyn Brewery about what to expect next.  Tickets, available here, include one free Brooklyn Brewery beer.

Thursday, June 16 (Tickets)
Where Ideas Come From
Moderator Sarah Kessler, from online news source Mashable, speaks with a panel made up of Emily Hickey (Hashable), Charles Smith (Ex. Fm) and Steve Martocci (Group Me), about what makes an idea a good one, and more importantly, what it takes to properly execute it. 7:30-8pm

The New Institutions
Google’s Caroline McCarthy will interview noted venture capitalist Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, about the changing face of Big Business and the role new media has played in redefining it. Wilson has helped fun companies as prominent as Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Etsy. 8:05-8:35pm

An Overnight Success, Years in the Making
Moderator Alyson Shontell from Business Insider leads a discussion of what it takes for an idea to catch on in the Internet-era, and what it means when it does. Panelists include Alex Rainert (Foursquare), Jim Moran (Yipit) and Reece Pacheco (Shelby.TV). 8:40-9:10pm

Sunday, June 19 (Tickets)
Building a Creative Community
An esteemed panel consisting of Kyle Bragger (Forst), Austin Chang ( and Dawn Barber (NY Tech Meetup) will discuss the importance of, and the best way to go about developing, a supportive group of local, likeminded individuals. The conversation will be moderated by Mediagazer’s Megan McCarthy. 7:30-8pm
Social Good as a Platform
Ben Popper from BetaBeat will guide panelists Rachel Chong (Catchafire), Anil Dash (Expert Labs) Matt Meeker (EIR at Polaris Venture Partners and Co-Founder of and Charles Best (Donors Choose) through a conversation about the potential to build a successful business out of the desire to do good. 8:05-8:35pm
Evangelizing Your Creation
So, you have a really great idea, you figured out how to execute it, and now you just need to tell everyone about it. Moderator Jonathan Dube from Cyberjournalist will speak with Rachel Sklar (Hashable/Change the Ratio), Trevor Owens (Lean Startup Machine) and Amy Cao (Food Spotting) about the best way to go about it. 8:05-8:35

Brooklyn Brewery is located at 79 North 11th Street between Berry and Wythe.
This event is free for badgeholders. Everyone else can Click Here To Purchase Tickets To Attend