Theater for One Puts on Private Shows in Time Square This Weekend

06/10/2011 4:49 PM |


Last night’s much needed showers might have left the big road-box boarded up, but you still have a chance to grab a seat in director Christine Jones’ Theater for One in Time Square this weekend.

This portable two-person venue for intimate individual performances—something between a confessional; a red velvet-lined cubicle alluding to that, um, Old Time Square charm; and the perfect distillation of an Aristotelian actor-audience-member mano-a-mano brawl—is back for its second annual five day run through Sunday.

The Tony-nominated set designer of American Idiot and Spring Awakening presents one-man theater pieces crafted specifically for these cramped quarters, inverting the social act of the theater outing by turning it into a private experience. Five performers, six playwrights and what will likely be a very long line of patrons come together for five- to ten-minute performances.

Is it improvised? Is every piece completely unique? A comedy, a drama, a farce, a mime? Will they break the fourth wall? Should you laugh? Should you cry? And what if you don’t?

It’s free to find out, and surely better than the Tonys.