To Reduce Litter, Bay Ridge Eliminates Garbage Cans. Wha!?

06/08/2011 9:49 AM |

Concrete ledges are the new trash bin!

  • Concrete ledges are the new trash bin!

Because public trash cans on Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge were overflowing with illegally dumped household waste, a local community board member got an idea: what if we got rid of the garbage bins? And so Bay Ridge, with the cooperation of the department of sanitation, embarked on an experiment: fourteen cans on three intersections around the Bay Ridge Avenue subway station were removed, the Times reports.

Many local business owners told the paper the experiment isn’t working: people are just littering, leaving proprietors susceptible to unswept-sidewalk fines, or walking into businesses just to use the garbage can. The blog Bay Ridge Journal has been documenting instances of litter where there used to be garbage cans.

But Greg Ahl, the community-board environmental-committee chairman who masterminded the trial, is undeterred. “I don’t think there’s more litter,” he told the Times. “People are just starting to look more because there’s no litter baskets.”

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  • “No one seems to have complained much about such violations until two years ago, when litter collection in Bay Ridge was effectively reduced from twice a day to something closer to twice a week because garbage trucks were diverted to dirtier parts of the city, said Josephine Beckmann, district manager of the local community board.”

    Well, there is the problem right there. Here is a brilliant solution I thought of by myself: restore garbage pickups to adequate frequency.

  • sanitation must have done the same thing by the 36th Ave station in Astoria! we were wondering where all the trash cans went since 3 weeks ago… amazingly now that i just took a look outside it seems pretty clean, compared to what it used to be, so it might be working?