Williamsburg Video Store to Serve Booze and Hors d’Oeuvres

06/10/2011 8:59 AM |


The few independent video stores that have survived in Brooklyn may not have much more time left; Park Slope’s Video Forum closed earlier this year, right around the same time as the nearby Blockbuster. And though that neighborhood still has three indie video stores, can that business model survive in the face of video-on-demand and second-wave gentrification? Williamsburg’s Videology, the last video store in 11249, plans to keep afloat by becoming a cafe-bar, we reported in Brooklyn Magazine earlier this month.

Not only will the video store start serving gourmet snacks, wine and draught beer (pending approval of a liquor license), the Brooklyn Paper reports, it will open a 30-seat screening room in the style of reRun in DUMBO. If bars really are recession-proof, that might be one way to save the dying video store!