Are Williamsburg’s Hasidic “Police” Racist?

07/06/2011 9:49 AM |

Freeze! Its the not-police!

  • “Freeze! It’s the not-police!”

The private security patrol run by members of Williamsburg’s Hasidic population has been accused of breaking laws and targeting minorities. An article in the Daily News finds instances of the forces using counterfeit parking placards, flashing lights in colors reserved only for emergency vehicles, and harassing and abusing minorities with whom it shares the neighborhood—”a mix of blacks, whites, Latinos, Hasidim and hipsters,” the paper reports. (Hipsters are their own race!)
In 2009, a member of the patrols, Yakov Horowitz, accused a Latino adolescent of stealing a bike and struck him in the nose with a walkie-talkie on Wythe; Horowitz was charged with assault, convicted of disorderly conduct, and paid a fine.

“Jewish residents said they’re surrounded by crime-filled public housing projects and need more eyes on the streets,” the paper reports; last week, a dispute over a parking space on Bedford ended with Dwight Chaparro, 29, hitting Rabbi Mordechai Stern, 57, in the head with a wooden shelf. Chaparro was detained by members of the Hasidic security patrol, Shomrim, and alleges they beat him up.

The patrols, which do not carry guns, pretend to be police, some witnesses have said. While the force says they sometimes flash orange-and-yellow lights “for caution,” the News offers evidence to the contrary.

Residents say they often see speeding unmarked cars driven by members of Jewish patrols. Some of the vehicles have flashing red and blue lights.

A Daily News reporter recently spotted a mechanic on Kent Ave. installing a red-and-blue back-light package on a black, unmarked Toyota Camry. The mechanic said the car, which had bogus parking placards in the windshield, belonged to a Williamsburg Shomrim patrol member.

“It’s not illegal for me to install them – only for them to use them on the street,” the mechanic said., a Jewish news source, re-posted the story in full (copyright infringement?) with a new headline: “Daily News Does Hit-Job on Williamsburg Shomrim”.

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  • Its not only the Williamsburg Shomrim but also the BP Shomrim..Recent news has exploded with controversial arrests, false accusations, and known harassment. however, the Hasidic community like to turn everything into a crime against them. Last year the Case against David Flores was/is filled with false accusations and lies. A terrible propaganda created public opinion and an innocent man is serving time for something he did not do. No one questioned David Flores and no one investigated the truth…is this who we are? a community who looks the other way and ignores the truth just because of fear and political corruption.

  • When you vote as a bloc en masse, the laws that apply to you get very flexible. If only we all voted so diligently, we could have a much better Brooklyn.

  • Truth Matters the same thing is happening to a guy name Dwight Chaparro in Williamsburg, no one is willing to help, went to Nydia Velasquez office, contacted the newspapers and called the channel 4, and 7 news desk, emailed Help Me Howard, no one is willing to help. No one has the guts to go up against the hasidim. Its hard not to feel some animosity. This guy might serve time or ruin his clean record because of all the lies and police corruption. I believe all will go well.