Augmented Reality App Replaces Times Square Ads with Art

07/26/2011 9:42 AM |

(Photo and video: Will Sherman)

  • Ron English (borrowing a page from Richard Prince?) replaces Daniel Craig. (Photo and video: Will Sherman)

For such a terrible, terrible place, Times Square actually gets its fair share of art—some good, some god-awful—but it never lasts long because time is money, Times Square is money, and in Times Square time is… money… squared? Where was I? Oh! The folks from billboard takeover operation Public Ad Campaign and app geniuses The Heavy Projects recently tested their prototype for an augmented reality app that replaces ads with art in Times Square.

Artists who’ve contributed work to the currently untitled app—which can be seen at work during a prototype test run yesterday in the video below—include Ron English (at top), John Fekner, Doctor D, Ox, and perhaps the best-known hacked of real brick and mortar (or, paper and glue) billboards, Poster Boy.

No word yet on when the app will be ready for wide release, whether other artists will participate, or if it will work on ads outside Times Square, but needless to say this may provide the first acceptable excuse to walk around Midtown staring at one’s smartphone/tablet.