Brooklyn Artist Posters News Corp. Headquarters

07/19/2011 11:30 AM |

Kiro posterizes News Corp. (Photo: PSFK)

  • KIRO posterizes News Corp. (Photo: PSFK)

Embattled media juggernaut News Corp. is so under siege in the press and in the courts right now that the company’s stateside headquarters in Midtown are apparently virtually unguarded, thus allowing Brooklyn-based poster artist KIRO to apply his Andy Warhol-rephrasing poster to the company’s front door on Sixth Avenue in Midtown on Sunday evening.

The poster reads, “In the future everyone will be private for 15 minutes,” a 21st-century update of Andy Warhol’s line “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” in light of News Corp.’s ongoing cell phone hacking scandal. The poster, on the other hand, apparently outlived its expected 15-minute lifespan.

KIROs poster design for News Corp.

  • KIRO’s poster design for News Corp.