Brooklyn’s New Serial Bank Robber Steals $100,000 a Year

07/07/2011 1:55 PM |


Back in January, a couple of attempted bank robberies at Park Slope Chase branches suggested a serial bank robber was afoot, though police were reluctant to admit as much. But now officials say that a single man was responsible for those attempts and a total of 15 attempted and successful robberies since December, all but one of which was in Brooklyn, the Times reports. (One robbery in Crown Heights I thought was our Brooklyn Bank Robber was not; he was attempting to rob banks in Bensonhurst and Queens that day.) The man has netted close to $50,000 for his roughly six months of work, which is about what a state assemblyman makes in a year.

The bandit was on a winning streak for a month, starting around Christmas, but a month later to the day was the last success of his spree: four attempts, from January 25 to February 7th, resulted in no cash. “All the robberies were ‘note jobs,'” the Times reports, “meaning that the robber handed over a demand note but never brandished a weapon.”

So it seems he took some time off. But in late June, he appears to have decided to try his luck again, hitting a Chase in Bensonhurst and getting $2,000. Since then, he has robbed four other banks—two Chases and two Capital Ones. I suggested earlier this year that the robber may have had a vendetta against Chase, but though that bank makes up the majority of the locations he has hit, he has visited other banks as well. It’s actually probably just a result of that chain’s damn ubiquity.