Cinders Gallery Is Getting Kicked Out of Their Space, Again!

07/18/2011 9:45 AM |

Horus Daughter, on view through August 7, will be Cinders Gallerys final show at its 28 Marcy Avenue location.

  • Installation view of Horus’ Daughter, on view through August 7, Cinders Gallery’s final show at its 28 Marcy Avenue location.

It seems impossible and more than a little absurd, but after three exhibitions in their lovely new space at 28 Marcy Avenue—around the corner from the Havemeyer Street storefront they were priced out of last winter—Williamsburg’s Cinders Gallery is being kicked out again! Their new show, Horus’ Daughters, which opened last week and continues through August 7, will be their last in the new digs. After hearing Twitter rumors last week, Cinders co-founder Sto confirmed the move when I visited the gallery on Saturday.

In essence, Sto told me that the gallery’s new landlord didn’t understand the type of business he was taking on as a tenant—one with a huge following that fills the space on opening nights, during performances and special events, and visits in steady streams on weekends—and wasn’t comfortable with the building’s door being open all the time. “For us,” Sto said, “that’s a deal-breaker.”

He and gallery co-founder Kelie Bowman are back on the prowl for a new space, though generally optimistic about the process having reopened at 28 Marcy Avenue—which was occupied by Charlie Horse Gallery until last spring—after only a relatively brief hiatus. “This space fell right into our laps,” Sto said, “so we’re not too worried about finding another space.”