Cover of Dead Kennedys’ “Too Drunk to Fuck” Gets Pulled From Heineken Ad Campaign

07/06/2011 1:16 PM |


You guys will never believe this because nobody ever complains about anything these days, but marketing watchdog the Portman Group fielded complaints when a cover of Dead Kennedys’ “Too Drunk to Fuck” was featured in a recent online ad campaign for Heineken, the Guardian reports, concerned that the “track name and lyrics referenced drinking to excess, thereby associating the brand with immoderate consumption.” Sure, ok. Here’s the thing though: The cover was by French bossa nova pop band Nouvelle Vague, whose collective catalog is a easy-listening equivalent of a lullaby — a lullaby recited in a breathy, sexy female voice, but a lullaby nonetheless — and quite obviously meant to be received ironically when compared to the blustering hardcore original.

Heineken pulled the the track immediately. Maybe they should’ve just gone with another song by Brooklyn’s Panda Bear-ish brethren Twi the Humble Feather. You guys remember when Twi the Humble Feather’s “Higher Than the End” was on a Heineken commercial during the Super Bowl in 2009? Anyone? Remember that? I included it below, along with both the original and Nouvelle Vague versions of “Too Drunk to Fuck,” but by all means, BE CAREFUL. You might feel compelled to drink excessively, which would be bad.