FBI-Wanted Bushwick Band: “This is a Pretty Big Misunderstanding”

07/21/2011 12:31 PM |

Not hackers

  • Not hackers

When the FBI raided homes in ten states this week, in connection with its investigation into the hacking collective Anonymous, it visited an apartment in Bushwick’s McKibbin lofts that, up until a month ago, had housed members of the rock band Broken Glow. The Post talked to a neighbor, who said that “the way they left was really sketchy.” But the band told us that the suspicious details reported by the paper actually have some pretty innocent explanations.

Lead guitarist Brenner Eugenides, whose email signature lists a Bed Stuy address, told me this by email:

So here’s our side of the story/what I think is happening. My personal Gmail account was hacked a few weeks ago. I didn’t really have a chance to read much of the Post article but the gist I got was that the FBI was looking for us and that we are potentially “hackers”. None of us are anywhere close to being hackers. We don’t even know how. I do think a lot of this is a pretty big misunderstanding. We moved out of the apartment at 255 McKibbin a few weeks ago because our lease was up. We didn’t sign a new lease until the day before we moved out. That’s why we left so fast and left the furniture in the hallway.

He added he plans to contact the FBI in an attempt to straighten things out.

In addition, the Post contacted a different band member, rhythm guitarist Garrett Deming, who told the tabloid that “the apartment’s wireless router was not password-protected, meaning neighbors could have piggybacked on it.”