Help a Brooklyn-Based Ice Cream Company Raise Cash on Kickstarter

07/14/2011 10:40 AM |

Brooklyn just might be the most crowd-funded food scene on Earth. Not too long ago, the blogs were abuzz about Littleneck, the clam shack that raised almost $9,000 to sell New England-style seafood near the pristine waters of the Gowanus. Now a new Brooklyn food project is asking for your hard-earned money: Phin & Phebes. No, it’s not an adorable new sitcom featuring Lisa Kudrow; it’s an artisanal ice cream company run by Jess Eddy and Crista Freeman that makes crazy handmade flavors like Fluffnut (marshmallow fluff and peanut butter), Goat Cheese Caramel and Ginger Cookie Snap. They’ve sold at a few food fairs (including the Hester Street Fair) and specialty markets like Marlow & Daughters and Brucie, but now they’re looking to expand big-time (like Whole Foods big) and they need your help. Their goal? $22,772.

Is that asking for too much? Well, maybe, considering that’s probably the annual income of many Bushwick residents. Still, haven’t you ever had a dream, cynical L Magazine reader? That money will go to good use, buying an insanely expensive ice cream maker that can make 24 quarts of ice cream in 10 minutes, plus other things like packaging, supplies and legal fees. Pledge $75 and you’ll get a sweet tote bag designed by Eddy and Freeman, a custom screen-printed thank you note and some good karma. At the very least, pick up a pint of Phin & Phebes next time you’re at your fancy artisanal grocery store.