Here’s a “Band to Watch,” Especially If You Like the Band Weekend

07/07/2011 9:41 AM |

Trailblazer “Don’t Need It Anyway”
from Coleman Guyon on Vimeo.

While this year’s Northside Festival was all in all a success — a notion that has us here at The L scratching our heads wondering how we didn’t completely mess up — I’m still regretting not booking Coleman Guyon, a one-man band operating out of Lexington, Kentucky under the name Trailblazer, who I’m very much convinced will have his recently released cassette Night People picked up by Pitchfork, go on tour with like-minded noise enthusiasts Weekend, and be blog-famous in two to four months. You can check out more on his Bandcamp right here, though “Don’t Need It Anyway,” with its tension-rising seriousness undercut in the video, feels like a clear standout.