MTA Misspells Name of MTA Board Member’s Fiancé, Paul McCartney

07/13/2011 4:44 PM |

Paul McCartneys bat-headed alter ego, Paul McCartnery.

  • Paul McCartney’s bat-headed alter ego, Paul McCartnery.

Learning the art of spelling and grammar can be a long and winding road, as the MTA found out recently. Paul McCartty, er, McCartney, will be launching yet another world tour, this time from Yankee Stadium, and the MTA was so excited that it sent out a press release with the subject line “Take Metro-North to Paul McCartnery- yeah yeah yeah!”

Spelling mistakes happen, no biggie, but this one is a bit more egregious because the ex-Beatle happens to be engaged to MTA board member Nancy Shevell, making her the only internationally known MTA board member in the history of humanity.

Grammar czars may declare that this is yet another example of how frivolously people treat the English language these days, unlike yesturday. Sure, speling isn’t getting any better, and mabe this world is a litle helter sckelter, after all. Too many poeple can be careless, though money can buy a copyeditor, or a spell checker. One must always remember that if the great John Lemmon were still with us, he would tell us that if you’ve got a ticket to ride the MTA, don’t go see an aging hack like Paul McCarney at Yankee Stadum.

Instead, you can take your money, hide it in a paper bag in the Bronx zoo, and… uh… do it… in the road?

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  • Doesn’t this fall under the “OMG someone made a typo on the Internet” category? Not exactly a huge or unique mistake…