Our New Favorite Architecture Critic: The Angry Belgian Who Writes the Tumblr Ugly Belgian Houses

07/19/2011 1:01 PM |

Ugly Belgian Houses

  • Angry Belgian architecture critic says: “Hey, let’s use a totally unidentified shade of green! That’s like WOW! And like totally matching with the totally unidentified green shade of our car! +1 WOW! The metal door with orange finishing makes this a true work of art. Ow and tell the neighbours their houses are next!”

Though saddened by the departure of the Times‘ kick-ass architecture critic Nicolai Ourourssoff, I’m thrilled about his replacement. No, not Michael Kimmelman, the angry Belgian fellow (I’m assuming it’s a guy; the tone suggests a male writer) who keeps the Tumblr Ugly Belgian Houses.

Though he started off just posting pictures without commentary, his takedowns have grown more epic and expletive-filled by the post. The combination of actual critique informed by the history of art and architecture with comically broken English and hilarious insults—one house’s inhabitant is accused of being an “imbecile fucksauce”—is truly irresistible. Get this guy a book deal!

Ugly Belgian Houses

  • Another classic: ” ‘Yeah my wife is like into cubistic art and she had like an affair with the architect and he drawed her this cubistic villa. With lots and lots of squares. And minisquares in the squares. Modern ey?’ “


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  • Nicolai Ourourssoff was the worst. Good riddance. Like Muschamp before him, he was a mindless peddler of starchitect apologetics and design school BS.

  • @yo yo pa: You must have missed his epic thrashing of Zaha Hadid’s Chanel Pavilion spaceship thingy in Central Park a couple years back. Strongly recommended.