Photos: Slipping, Sliding and Swimming at Jelly’s Rock Beach

07/11/2011 4:30 PM |


The Pool Parties are back … kind of! Except now Jelly is calling the event series Rock Beach and it’s kind of a pain in the ass to get to unless you take the $20 party bus, which is well worth the money because the whole thing is pretty damn fun. Wild Yaks and Penguin Prison were on hand to play some summery tunes for the small crowd, and old favorites like the slip-and-slide and dodgeball court were back for people who wanted to get some drunken exercise. Oh, and there is a pool, where you can cool down, take a swim and admire the stringy arms and pale skin of Brooklyn’s hippest inhabitants.


One good thing about having a concert that nobody can get to is no lines for booze or the bathrooms! Plus you can go on the slip-and-slide as many times as you damn well please, for reals. It’s like when you were a kid and dreamed of running around an empty amusement park, except there’s more alcohol. I’m sure this will change as more people hear about the wonders of the party bus, which you could get tickets for online or right before you got on. Next show is July 24th, so mark your calendar.

Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang

  • Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang

Party bus!

  • Party bus!

Penguin Prison

  • Penguin Prison



Chillin in the pool.

  • Chillin’ in the pool.



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  • What? I was wondering what Jelly was going to do this year. They moved the pool parties from Williamsburg to Marine Park?? Ugh.

    I suppose for $29 total, you can take the East River Ferry to Pier 11, then take the ferry to Jacob Riis Pier, then walk – that might be more fun than the bus.

    But the big appeal for me of the whole thing for me was having free neighborhood entertainment I could roll down to on a whim.

    I’m really starting to think OSA sucks. It doesn’t seem like there is a single free rock show in the east river state park this year, which is definitely not what they promised last year when bounced Jelly.

    So now we are basically paying for concerts to raise money to pay the salaries of the rangers who keep us from actually enjoying the park by bringing our bikes, dogs and booze into it. Great deal.

  • Floyd Bennett Field is actually in Brooklyn. So that would be a 3 mile walk over the bridge from the ferry landing point (or a walk to catch the Q35 bus which probably stops somewhere approximately near Jelly’s concert space – there is a Floyd Bennett bus stop but it’s a big place.)

    A big +1 to yo yo pa’s comment. Open Space Alliance was a total scam to hold for profit concerts that give nothing back to Williamsburg. Jelly was absolutely the good guys in that feud and I think this summer shows that. 15 for profit concerts with ticket prices at $50+ and 5 free concerts, most tiny and most catering to the new luxury towers residents.