Silent Barn Update: How You Can Help

07/20/2011 12:59 PM |


As Mike pointed out yesterday morning, Silent Barn was robbed over the weekend, leaving the beloved Ridgewood art space/video game arcade/DIY venue short of $15k worth of audio equipment and donated artwork accumulated over seven years of operation, not to mention cash, computers and personal belongings.

So, how can you help get the place back on its feet and hosting the likes of Dirty Projectors and Deerhunter, is the question of the hour. Well, for starters, we just got an e-mail from Joe Ahearn, current manager of Showpaper and one of Silent Barn’s promotors, directing us to their just-launched Kickstarter page. The goal here is not only to recoup money for the lost equipment and damages done in the ransacking, but to turn the setback into an opportunity for Silent Barn to become a safe, permanent fixture; their $40,000 goal therefore accounts for renovations on “electricity, fire safety and security that will bring the building up legal fire-code; estimates on an excellent new sound system for both floors; and estimates on the roof reconstruction required to resume outdoor performances and urban gardening.”

You all know how this works by now: A monetary donation earns you a tiered set of rewards, including silkscreened t-shirts, a benefit compilation tape and free admission to all shows and events at Silent Barn for a year (or life, for donations of $1,000 and above). “But we’re also going to need a lot of help that money can’t buy,” Joe writes. “So if you can lend a hand, or have skills to offer, or just want to be part of the brainstorming process, please join our volunteer group (which you can find here).” Get at it, Brooklyn.