Skinny Dipper Arrested for Swimming Near JFK Airport Restricted Zone

07/13/2011 3:14 PM |

Paul Cezannes Baigneurs a JFK (Swimmers at JFK) (2011).

  • Paul Cezanne’s “Baigneurs á JFK (Swimmers at JFK)” (2011).

The great questions of existence may never be answered. Why are we here? Is there are a God? Why did the man swim naked next to the airport? And what exactly do they ask the naked man at the hospital’s psychiatric evaluation?

NY1 cannot answer all of your questions, but they can shine a light upon the past. They report that just before 11am on Tuesday, the Port Authority spotted a naked swimmer in a waterway near JFK airport. The man ran toward the airport fuel farm when they approached (when one is naked and afraid, one seeks the fuel farm) and was caught near a boat dock, never actually entering the fuel farm, which is a restricted area. After he was caught, he was charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

And of course, he was given a psychiatric evaluation. NY1 could not tell us how he was evaluated or what questions were posed to him. Perhaps he was a making a statement about the suppression of man’s inherent atavistic nature in a post-industrial age of terror and despair. Perhaps he swam because he pined for freedom, aching for the touch of murky, fecal-colored water around his bare body. We live in strange times, and prophets come from strange places.

Naked airport swimmer, what is your purpose?