Street Sign Pranksters TrustoCorp Are Making the G Train Friendlier

07/20/2011 12:09 PM |

TrustoCorp compliments riders entering the Nassau Avenue G train stop and advises them to Keep It Up. (via Animal)

  • Aw, thanks TrustoCorp! (via Animal)

Yesterday two local blogs with an eye for street art spotted new work in Greenpoint from that shady conglomerate of renegade street signage propagators TrustoCorp, from whom we hadn’t heard since last year’s Underbelly Project reveal. After the hipsters, the “mosque”-haters and the credit card debtors, TrustoCorp‘s latest target appears to be the G train.

A tipster sent Animal a photo from the Nassau Avenue G stop (above), where modified street level signage replaced the name of the station with “You Look Lovely” and the white-on-green “G” had become an insane nexus of the K E E P I T U P lines.

Then one stop over at the Greenpoint Avenue entrance to the G, New York Shitty’s Miss Heather noticed signage for a strangely modified Metrocard (below). We imagine that the TrustoCorp Metrocard is significantly cheaper than the MTA version.

The new TrustoCorp Metrocard presumably comes with unlimited rides. (via NY Shitty)

  • The new TrustoCorp Metrocard. (via NY Shitty)