The Silent Barn Loses Artwork and $15k Worth of Audio Equipment in Robbery

07/19/2011 9:50 AM |


Some sad news started spreading across the internet last night, that beloved Queens music venue Silent Barn was robbed this past weekend. The details are unpleasant: $15k of audio equipment was stolen, plus artwork that had been donated by local artists; doors were ripped off hinges, furniture was destroyed. The venue, which was opened about six years ago and has played host to basically every local band worth mentioning, doubles as a living space, but fortunately no one was there when the robbery went down. We’ll have more on this later, including information about what you can do to help. Below, a note from the people who’ve made this place what it is.

This weekend has been incredibly heartbreaking for all of us at The Silent Barn. On top of many issues that we’re currently dealing with, over the weekend our house was completely ransacked. About $15k worth of audio equipment, house projects and personal belongings are gone. The violence to the space is almost as upsetting as the theft. Doors were ripped off of hinges, furniture ripped to shreds, and everything in the space strewn about in a sea of debris. We’ve lost 7 years worth of accumulated equipment, tools, and artwork donated and built by individuals from every end of the scene’s spectrum, and we’re still reeling with what this means for our own lives and the future of the space. If you would like to find out what you can do, email We need your help to continue.

Thank you for your concern over the last few days. It means as much to us as the space itself.

– Castle Oscar, Momma, Kunal, Lucas, Nat, Jordan, James, Joe

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