There Was an Aerial Performance on the Williamsburg Bridge Last Night

07/12/2011 8:57 AM |

Seanna Sharpe performing on the Williamsburg Bridge.

  • Seanna Sharpe performing on the Williamsburg Bridge.

Some of our favorite art happens high atop the Williamsburg Bridge, and last night at 7pm it was the venue for a brief, acrobatic and illegal aerial performance titled “Risk Life for Flight” by Seanna Sharpe, dangling from the tower at the Brooklyn end of the bridge. The performance was beautiful and brief, as Gothamist reported NYPD rushing onto the bridge towards the east tower.

But Sharpe got in at least four to five minutes of aerial dancing before they reached her (arresting Sharpe and an assistant), and as you can see from the video below, it’s pretty insanely beautiful—and strangely appropriate, given the most recent aerial stunts to take place on the bridge.


One Comment

  • Two years after this infamous performance, Seanna Sharpe was moved to begin her own Not-for-profit school called Katana Flight School, founded to give underprivileged and at-risk youth the opportunity to gain the experience, strength, inspiration, and joy that comes from learning Aerial Acrobatics.

    Seanna must raise $13,000 dollars to get this school off the ground, and we are asking anyone who was inspired by, or who has enjoyed her work to donate to the cause.

    If you’d like to help Seanna with this cause and give these children the opportunity to take to the skies, please visit to donate and learn more about the school!