They Might Be Giants Cover Chumbawamba, Triumphantly

07/07/2011 3:29 PM |

They got knocked down, but they got up again.

  • They got knocked down, but they got up again.

In 1997, you loved Chumbawamba, there’s no reason to deny it, really. They were such a lovely bunch of anarchists. I’ll bet that you were also a fan of They Might Be Giants and probably had “Birdhouse in Your Soul” on one of your favorite mixed CDs. Man, the 90s were so wonderfully odd. There’s even more proof in a recent installment of The A.V. Club’s Undercover series, in which the Brooklyn vets take a stab at “Tubthumping,” a song TMBG’s John Linnell explains isn’t all that much different from one of his own.

Watch the video not only because they’re joined by Onion staff members for a supremely rousing chorus, and not only because you still know all the words, but to gear up for TMBG’s new album, Join Us, out next month and their free show at Williamsburg Waterfront on Friday, July 29. Will they brave the heat in suits and ties? Yes, probably, we hope.

They Might Be Giants covers Chumbawamba