Who Made the Painted Oval Installation Above the Williamsburg Bridge Bike Ramp?

07/15/2011 4:27 PM |

The mysterious Williamsburg Bridge walkway dots.

  • The mysterious Williamsburg Bridge walkway dots.

One ephemeral and illegal artwork on the Williamsburg Bridge ended in arrest this week, but another has been up there for over a month in plain sight, and has remained essentially unscathed: a series of oval paintings installed in a funneling formation near the place where the bike-pedestrian path forks on the Manhattan side.

The installation, entitled “The Bridge Comes Alive,” is the work of a group of artists who go by Baji Lives!. They painted the circular tones on paper in a studio before sticking them to the bridge beams under cover of darkness one night earlier this summer. It’s not their first time working with this type of outdoor pointillism: previous installations by Baji Lives! have dotted a metal shutter on the Lower East Side and the facade of our old building in DUMBO. Here’s how their most recent installation went down.

(via BKStreetArt)

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  • Baji Lives! is seeking to expand our project of colorful intervention to other cities in the US and abroad. If you’re interested in participating in the project, please friend “Baji Lives” on Facebook and we’ll get in touch with you.

    Also, there are around 50 “baji cards” in the Jefferson / Morgan stop area of Bushwick. Have you seen them around? If so, you can help document this project by snapping a quick photo and posting it to the “Baji Lives” facebook profile.



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