Brooklyn Bridge Park Could Replace Con Ed Power Plant Slated for Demolition

08/15/2011 9:46 AM |

This might be a park one day.

  • This might be a park one day.

It’s little more than a softly-whispered possible plan for now, but Brooklyn Bridge Park could take over some or all of the land left vacant by the Vinegar Hill Con Ed power plant (pictured), which is going to be demolished. This makes a great deal of sense—because what else would you build on that waterfront land, condos?—but is it feasible for an already cash-strapped park?

The Brooklyn Eagle‘s Dennis Holt reports that Park leadership has discussed with Con Ed the possibility of taking over the land occupied by the plant.

No one is saying anything right now. It will take awhile to dismantle the plant; environmental surveys will surely have to be done, and finances will have to be calculated. But it is possible to conceive that at least part of the parcel could be converted to park use.

Though there’s no apparent timeline for the demolition of the Con Ed plant, it would free up the equivalent of roughly a dozen blocks, including the waterfront stretch from the edge of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Jay Street—where plans for the park currently end.

As Holt writes: “The prospects are many and tantalizing.”

(McBrooklyn; Photo: Panoramio)

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