Brooklyn Bridge Park Needs a Sports Bubble To Winter-proof a Field on Pier 5

08/25/2011 10:34 AM |

Outline of the future weather-proof bubble at Pier 5 in red.

  • Outline of the future weather-proof bubble at Pier 5 in red.

While the future of high-end housing inside its boundaries remains partially uncertain, plans for the revamped post-industrial piers jutting into New York harbor from Brooklyn Bridge Park continue more or less apace, and on Tuesday the park released a request for proposals (PDF) for a seasonal recreational structure—aka a sports bubble—on Pier 5.

Pier 5, which is slated to open next summer, will feature three artificial turf sports fields, a waterfront promenade and picnic area. The seasonal structure will convert one of those fields to an indoor space from December 1 to March 31 every year. The Park is looking for a company to build and run the temporary structure, which will measure roughly 200 by 300 feet.

Unlike some of its other projects, this one is fully funded, the Brooklyn Paper notes, so the park will put up to $750,000 into the construction with the developer expected to pick up the rest of the tab. Wanna build their bubble for them? The deadline for proposals is 3pm on September 27.

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