CBS Outlines the New Brooklyn Stereotypes

08/10/2011 1:08 PM |

Oh God, yes!

  • Oh God, yes!

Fliers have gone up in Kensington, seeking “Real looking Brooklyn Working Class Types” to serve as extras on the police procedural Blue Bloods at a shoot this Friday, the Kensington Prospect reports. The show—on CBS, the network of grandparents—advertises the list of types for which it’s looking, painting a peculiar portrait, in equally peculiar language, of “working class” in today’s Brooklyn. Without further ado, here are your New Stereotypes, courtesy the Columbia Broadcasting System.

Hasidic Jews, women & men with Conservative Muslim attire, Russians, Polish types, Hispanics, elderly women & men, Urban types, hipsters, men with longer hair, people with tattoos.

Phew, get all those people together on a street corner in Chicago and I’d think I’d been magically transported through space to the corner of Church and Dahill.

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  • i would be willing to look the part if i got to spend five minutes up close and personal with donnie

  • “Blue Bloods” films a lot in Greenpoint. They’re sure to find some “Polish types” there.

  • Really?? Asian people aren’t even considered? Still I might regret saying this in a few years when gaudy pseudo exploitation sitcoms/reality shows are made.

    The Songs: Like the Sopranos but with more Pho’ scenes

    Everybody loves Raymond (Wong), same as the original, only with an even crazier, overbearing grandmother who is unremarkably strong at the max height of 5’2 and can kick anyones ass.