Convicted Sex Offenders Can No Longer Drive School Buses

08/17/2011 10:47 AM |

Riding the bus is bad enough without a sex offender bus driver.

  • Riding the bus is bad enough without a sex offender bus driver.

Good idea? I’m pretty down on the criminal justice system in general, and in particular I think sex offender registries harm far more people than they help (and are indicative of how little we actually expect jail to rehabilitate rather than punish). BUT! This kind of seems like a gimme, no?

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation on Tuesday expanding the kinds of criminal convictions that bar people from driving school buses.

The list includes several sex crimes, like predatory sexual assault, disseminating indecent materials to minors, sex trafficking and persistent sexual abuse. In all, convictions for 26 felonies will become automatic disqualifying factors, raising the number of such offenses to 58.

The law also makes the ban permanent rather than temporary for those convicted of vehicular manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide or promoting prostitution.

Persistent sexual abuse? Yikes. As the last kid on the bus route my entire childhood, I am going to come out in favor of this one.

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  • I don’t see drug users or drunk drivers mentioned to be on the list, could someone in our government be trying to protect a relative that drives buses.