CUNY Raises Fall Tuition After Fall Tuition Already Due

08/11/2011 9:48 AM |


In contemporary America, it’s never OK to raise taxes. But it’s OK to raise tuition at the city’s public universities! Which is exactly what CUNY’s Board of Trustees voted to do last week after a brief meeting. “Where are the cuts to your salaries?” one student shouted during the meeting, DNAinfo reported. “Where are your priorities?”

As if a $300 increase for full-time undergraduate residents weren’t hard enough, the increase goes into effect for the fall term that begins at the end of the month, only three weeks from the day of the vote. So, Brooklyn College students like the one who emailed us yesterday, who had already paid their fall tuition bills, which were due on July 21, were sent updates informing them that, actually, they still owe CUNY $150. LOL, enjoy the rest of your summer, tho! It’s like that time Michael Scott tried to get all of the clients of the Michael Scott Paper Company to pay him for retroactive price increases, except this is a public institution on which the strength of our city depends. So it’s not so much funny as it is despicable—more like the time Brooklyn College sent me a bill for thousands of dollars years after they’d already issued me a diploma!

Thanks to a state law passed in June, CUNY can raise tuition for full-time students by $300 every year for the next five years. I wonder if they’ll take advantage of that?


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  • Unacceptable! We should take a hint front British students

  • Actually we owe an additional $1000 not an additional $150. They put a new fee of $750 on top of the tuition increase called an “Academic Excellence Fee” with exactly 12 days notice. I paid on July 14th and now I owe another $1000 by August 17th.